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Info & Testimonials

Hi Friends,

My name is Peter Straub, and I want to share an incredible new program with you called the "1 Step System".  The absolute best way for you to quickly understand the magnitude of this incredible program and see how it works is to simply Register FREE to listen in on the CEO's Teleconference.

Whether or not you have heard of the 1 Step System, here are some truly astounding statistics you should be aware of.

This program launched in January 2006 and has already produced well over $4,000,000 in cash for its members. That's right, OVER $4,000,000 in its first two months, and growth continues to accelerate.  My personal sponsor and the chief mentor of our 1StepSystem Prosperity Team earned $10,000 in just over two weeks.  In my experience as an online marketer, I've never seen or heard of anything work so fast and make so much money!  You can click on the Compensation Plan link for more information on how the pay system works.

What is this incredible program? It is effectively a "turnkey" online business that requires you to implement only one step well to succeed.   If you can do this effectively, the 1Step System will enable you to earn $500 commissions over and over again like clockwork.  Despite the amazing simplicity and completeness of the 1 Step System,  and the undisputed authenticity and brilliance of the business model, there is still the critical one step that each person must accomplish effectively to achieve real success.

More on that critical one step in a moment, but first let's be honest with ourselves and realize that there are and will be thousands of other entrepreneurs just like ourselves out there competing for 1 Step System business online.  I think you'll agree there is a need for differentiation that will set us apart from the others, as well as a better promotional strategy to find and attract the best prospects to our business.   That, my friends, is the Critical 1 Step that we all need to do better than our competition. The bottom line is that the competitors who target and attract the most and best prospects to their websites win!

This is where my 1 Step System Championship Team can help you finally earn a real income online. Our goal is to make this program as easy to operate and profit from for "newbies" as it is for the pros with already well established networks and techniques.  We have compiled the knowledge, techniques an promotional strategies from years of experience of successful internet and network marketing on our team to share with you when you join us.  Don't get left behind by your competition!

Join The 1 Step System Prosperity Team!

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Here's How Our Team Members Benefit:

  • Detailed "Critical 1 Step Promotional Guide" for - This is great for both newbies and pros! Learn exactly how to profit from your 1 Step System Business in record time! We share the exact methods and ads we used to generate sales in less than 24 hours. We prepared this exclusive to help you Learn to Earn $500 Over and Over!
  • Access to the Private ISS Team Forum. We have setup a private forum for team members to stay up to date with the program, and get new ideas for promotion.
  • Your Own Personal Differentiated Lead Capture Website - That's right! We not only provide one similar to this for you, but we will do the same for everyone who joins under you as well. You will have the benefit of converting more "lookers" to "buyers" since our team support is in place to help out.
  • Extra Landing Pages - Each team member will have access to a growing selection of landing and lead capture pages to give you variety and flexibility in your promotional efforts! Set yourself apart, use unique and tested team materials.
  • Free inclusion in our Rotator. This is really great!  Each member receives a place in the rotation. We actively Advertise your 1StepSystem website through banner rotations and more. Don't be mistaken, this is not intended to replace your own promotion (which is easy - We show you how), but rather this is an added bonus that is our way of saying thank you for joining our team!!
  • More great benefits being added all the time!


  • Critical 1 Step Promotional Guide

  • Private ISS Forum to Share Ideas that Work

  • Differentiated Lead Capture Website

  • Extra Landing Pages

  • Inclusion in Ad Rotator"

Everything you need to get off to a profitable start, fast with the amazing 1 StepSystem Prosperity Team

Learn where and how to advertise your 1 StepSystem Business, follow examples of ads we placed, get ad copy ideas and more. Learn techniques
- what works, what doesn't

We want to make it easy for you to
succeed with the 1 Step System!


This is for you only if...

  • You have been looking at the 1 Step System, but have been looking for more assurance that it's "for real", we can assure you IT IS!
  • You have been looking at the 1 Step System, but lack confidence that you can succeed on your own.  You are in luck, because this team is committed and certainly dependant on the success of all who join.  We are all here to help you succeed!
  • You have always wanted to make really GOOD money online, but didn't think it possible, you have found the solution.  The 1Step System is "the real deal".

  • You are more than willing to commit the time, effort and resources needed to do the "Critical 1 Step" really well! 

This is definitely not for you if...

  • You really expect to make a lot of money, or even any at all, with no investment of time, effort and, yes, money to get your 1 Step System business off the ground. 
  • You have no immediate funds available to start and run your business, there is no way for you to succeed. I suggest that you try get your hands on some start up cash and keep us in mind.
  • You are neither experienced, nor trainable.  Online marketing is highly competitive and it is difficult to achieve real success.  However, if you are a "newbie" who is both committed and willing to learn, we can certainly show you the way to succeed.

"Sounds great! What to Do Now?"

1) Ready to Start Right Away?  Simply click on this "Get Started Now!" link and fill out the forms.

2) Still need to conduct a bit more "due diligence"?  Fill out the form at the top of this page (clickhere), This will register you for the free 37 minute conference call and provide access to more information.  Make sure that you clear your schedule, as this call will likely be the single most important thing you do this entire year!

3) On the call, the host, Rod will give you instructions for signing up.  Do so right away. I will then submit activation of your Ultimate Marketers Toolbox. 

4) I'll then set you up with your own differentiated lead capture site, and give you immediate access to our private ISS Team Forum area and our "Critical 1 Step Promotional Guide" for the 1 Step System.

5) Read our "Critical 1 Step Promotional Guide" - this will show you everything you need to know and do for your own critical one step. After you read it, put it into practice. Don't worry, this is easy to do!

6) Reap the Rewards!

That's it!  Simple, isn't it?  The 1 Step System has been cleverly designed to be so easy that everyone from a green newbie to an internet marketing pro can profit from this excellent program.  The 1StepSystem Prosperity Team is ready, willing and able to help you succeed.

We sincerely hope that you see the value and promise of the incredible opportunity that is in front of you right this moment.   Please step up and take your own personal critical first step and join our ever expanding team. We can't help you start earning until you do.  You'll be so glad you did!

To Your Success,

Peter Straub


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