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'Agape Success Team' is comprised of an ever growing real team of people earning income online the easy way. We invite you to become a team member too. With our system you'll be able to make money for many years to come. You'll see how easy it is to make money when you are a part of a professional online business team that knows the insider secrets to success. Agape Success Team has implemented a business success blueprint that anyone with a computer can do. Follow the steps below to get your AgapeSuccessTeam website up and running quickly and begin making money TODAY!

"Step 1."


Step 1. Join 'Kiosk' - Go to cheapest domain names and purchase a dot com domain name. Choose the PLATINUM membership for the best plan. We'll create a professional website for you free if you choose the Platinum membership. We'll also help you set up your autoresponders (unlimited autoresponders with platinum membership). In addition, we'll set up your own AgapeSuccessTeam web page on your hosting. Also, your links will go into rotation on the corporate AgapeSuccessTeam.com website.

Most everyone can easily see who is making money online and why. The first thing people see is a website. A website is your web presence and without one you find yourself lost and struggling. We know how to optimize websites and guarantee your website we create for you will go in the search engines. We place your links, your content, your banners, whatever you want on the website we create for you, for free. We'll even teach you how to manage your website. We're always here to help.

You can read about everything you get at Kiosk by visiting the Kiosk website. There are silver and bronze memberships also but to benefit the most with your website and with making money, choosing the 'Platinum' is the best.

Kiosk business opportunity plan is a 4 x 10 forced matrix. You can earn growing monthly residuals at Kiosk plus get the services that other hosting companies pay you nothing in return. In addition of course, you'll have your own kiosk replicated website and backoffice. Click the link below to view an AgapeSuccessTeam Member Kiosk website. The link will open in a new window but you should bookmark this page or add it to your favorites, just in case you're disconnected.

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Best Web Hosting

"Step 2."


Step 2. GDI - Join GDI. 'Global Domains International' also known as 'GDI' for short, offers quite a lot for only $10 per month. GDI is listed with the BBB and inc500. It's noted for being one of the fastest growing online businesses. Simple yet very professional and certainly affordable.

With GDI you get your own dot ws domain name, website builder, ten email accounts, web hosting, domain forwarding, replicated website, backoffice with all the real time reports.

You can have a six page website up and running within minutes at GDI...no html or computer knowledge required other than being able to type, point and click. That's what the website builder is all about.

GDI works great with Kiosk. You'll be able to link to each of your websites further climbing the ladder in the search engines. Search engines such as google and yahoo are extremely important because that is how people will easily find you instead of you constantly trying to find people. Many people out there are looking for you but if you don't have a website it can be near impossible for them to find you.

As a GDI member you also have the option of using hosting else where to host your dot ws website.

GDI consist of a 5 level unilevel system that can expand to infinity. After you get a few people into your GDI business...it will grow and grow and keep growing. GDI pays monthly.

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GDI Global Domains International

"Step 3."


Step 3. ListParadise - Join ListParadise. Everyone needs to have at least one listbuilder membership. There are many list builders out there and most are free to join or have a paid and free membership option. ListParadise does not have a free membership option. People that join ListParadise are serious networkers that will read your messages.

The most messages you'll ever receive as a ListParadise member is nine per day. Usually it is one or two.

Not only can you build a list with ListParadise, you'll be able to earn signup bonuses and commissions on every member in your downline whether you sponsored them or not.

There is no monthly fees to pay. A one time payment of $25 is all that is required to be a life-time member.

ListParadise has a forced matrix plan and pays commissions weekly on Thursdays.

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List Builder

"Step 4."

Business Success Blueprint

Step 4. BluePrint Instructions - will be emailed to you after you complete the first three steps above. This is our team secret plan and it is kept very confidential....for our team members eyes only! It consist of complete simple instructions to get you going quickly and earning commissions quickly with all three of the programs listed above. It works for us and it will work for you when you become an AgapeSuccessTeam member.

We charge nothing at AgapeSuccessTeam. All of our support, creating websites, and our Blueprint instructions are given to you completely free. We only require that each member join each of the programs listed above.

After you have joined all three programs above, email the AgapeSuccessTeam team leader to receive the link to our confidential Business Success Blueprint. Place your user name in the email message body for each of the programs listed above. Upon verification of your memberships into the programs, you will be sent the link to the Business Success Blueprint.


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With 'AgapeSuccessTeam' Business Success Blueprint - You Will Earn Income!

May I ask you some questions? I really don't mean to be nosey and in fact, you don't even need to answer me. Just answer the questions quietly outloud to yourself. Ready...ok answer the following questions honestly :

How much money do you make working online ?

How much do you spend trying to make money online ?

Do you make a six figure income working online ?

Would you like to make a six figure income working online ?

Would you like to make part time or full time income working online ?

Would you like to have more money and more time ?

With the 'AgapeSuccessTeam' business blueprint, you can have more time and more money without spending a fortune and without spending an enormous amount of time working online. Let's take a look at what your TOTAL cost will be if you follow AgapeSuccessTeam business success blueprint :

Kiosk - $24.95 monthly platinum membership.
GDI - $10.00 monthly membership.
ListParadise - One time $25.
Total Monthly Cost = $34.95
Total One Time Cost = $25.00

So there you have it. For less than $35 a month, you can be a part of two very successful, credible online business opportunities that will set you on your way to residual monthly income by following our total AgapeSuccessTeam Business Success Blueprint. And for a one time $25, you'll be able to make additional income whilst you build a list.

You really don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to make money online. You really don't need to join every new program that launches. What you do need is to be a part of a real success team that offers free help and a success blueprint that works.

Whether you are new to online business or an old pro, if you're serious about earning residual income online, take us up on our free offer to join 'Agape Success Team'...we're Real People that Really Care about You!

AGAPE - means to choose to seek the best for others. This is a love based in the mind. We can choose to show agape love by actively thinking about, and deciding how we act toward other people. Agape is the word used when the Bible talks about Christian love for one another. Agape love is talking about our behavior towards others, not our feelings. Agape love does not mean you have to like everyone. It does mean that you behave -- through a conscience choice you make in your mind -- in a compassionate, respectful manner toward all people.


You'll receive our exclusive, confidential 'Business Success Blueprint'

You'll have access to our private 'Agape Success Team' forum

You'll have your links in rotation on this web site

You'll be included on web sites such as HostingPaysYou

You'll have access to our team members private kiosk forum

You'll receive free membership to the upcoming affiliate site Global Marketing Club

You'll receive your own professional web site created by us free and guaranteed search engine placement
(no one else online does this nor can guarantee this but us)
(*Visit the HostingPaysYou website to see some of our members websites we created)

You'll receive a web page similar to this one placed on your web site
(exclusive to your links)

You'll receive 100% fast support

With only three platinum kiosk members, you'll break even in kiosk and be on your way to making residual income
(We show you how to do that with our Business Success Blueprint instructions)

With only ten members in your GDI unilevel downline, you'll break even and be on your way to making residual income
(We show you how to do that with our Business Success Blueprint instructions)

By sponsoring just a few members in your ListParadise downline, you'll break even and begin earning income
(In addition you'll be able to build a responsive list...our Business Success Blueprint instructions will show you how)

You'll receive much more...and you'll be so glad you joined 'Agape Success Team'

To Your Success...

Agape Success Team Leader

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