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Hi... My Name is: Bill Straub | Webcash Marketing Founder | April 2006...
My Phone Number is: 1-206-666-4498 (North America) | 601-7350-3469 (Asia Pacific)...
My Email Address is: [email protected]...

Bill Straub Affiliate Marketing Program Commission Checksand I'll help you succeed in your Internet Marketing venture(s) by making sure you get all the Marketing Tools you need with training, personalized Internet Marketing Training, Help and Support, Advertising (made available to you with us), etc. I purchased the domain name, webcashmarketing.com way back in April of 2006 to be utilized as a Free Marketing Resource Service, so people could easily locate everything they needed to make money and stay in profit with their income opportunities and businesses (plus I promoted my income opportunities on the site). I included domain names, hosting services, marketing guides and online tools, merchant accounts, organization builders, affiliate programs, reputable income opportunities, plus other miscellaneous marketing items. Needless, to say... much was needed to be learned and many adjustments had to be made along the way.

Now, this concept has been rolled-up into one system and everything is under one roof (in one user-friendly place). I'm going to show you how to get this system (the same one I have and use), but customized with your information and I'll show you how to properly build your very own prospect list - that you can use to promote any legal program, product or service. Along with the List Builders | Autoresponders | Contact Managers, we have Ad Tracking (Ad Trackers), Webpage Creators, Url Rotators, Organization Builders with Multiple Streams of Income, Training Centers, and other tools and resources.

So, if you want to succeed online - you must have a prospect list... i.e. know how to build a list and use it. Those who have the lists, make the money... those who don't have a list, don't make money. It is that simple! By the way - that's me in the photo, visiting and helping Pat get started back in July 2009.

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